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Bottle Control Unit 
 - Our refillable bottle control unit is an economical, reusable product.
- Refill using pre-measured dry mix solution packets (sold in packs of 4). Each packet yields approximately 16 fl. oz. when mixed with water, and each fill last approximately 20-30 days.
- Each bottle control unit provides coverage for approximately 0.25 to 0.5 acres of property.

XT Natural Ingredient Fly & Mosquito Control Mix Pre-Measured Packets 
- Sold in package of four (4) pre-measured 1.5 oz. (+/-) packets. 
- Each packet produces 16 fl. oz. of solution when mixed with water.
- Solution can be used in bottle control units available through this site; or use in your own or other compatible containers.
- Instructions included on how to make your own insect control bottle unit included in each package.