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Natural Ingredient Control Mix

Our system uses a combination of common household ingredients found in practically every kitchen, that produces an effective solution, when mixed with water, that works to help reduce the number of flies and mosquitoes around your outdoor gathering locations.  Customers have reported effectiveness against gnats and other insects as well.  The system offers a safer approach than spraying or applying harsh chemicals on your yard or around your home.

Our refillable bottle control system allows for economical refills using pre-measured dry mix packets that yield 16 fl. oz. of solution to refill your bottle traps as needed.  The solution typically remains active for 2-4 weeks (dependent upon location and climate).

NOTE:  This is not a repellant system.  Insects are attracted by the units, and therefore it is suggested that you place your bottle control units away from any location where people or pets frequent.  No claims are made as to the efficiency of the product as results may vary based on location and on the method of use.   And, no claims are made in regards to the reduction of, or prevention of any disease or health related issues that may arise from insect bites. Always consult a physician or health professional if you feel ill. Always follow instructions and heed warnings and notices on this and any other product of this type that you may use.  This product is not a food product and is not intended for human or animal consumption.  

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